Analytical Applications in Drug Discovery

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About the lecture

SS20 VV#50310

A course based on the bachelor analytical cycle (ending with Analytik VI). It will be more interactive than the bachelor lecture. The second hour of the lessons will be used for exercises whose results will serve as basis for the pass/fail decision.

Book the course if you can imagine to – or already do – work in analytical labs or on a PhD thesis with practical analytical aspects – and if you liked the style of Analytik VI. 

Do not book the course if you are looking for a cheap credit point. Engagement is required!

Educational objective

Insight to analytical practise in research: You know material and information sources and providers, you learn to search, manage and extract literature on practical examples and derive proposals for starting method development. You use Excel for the evaluation of typical amounts of data and do some troubleshooting. You learn more on advanced instrumental analytics, especially about HPLC and mass spectrometry.


  • Introduction and toolbox: What to find where. Suppliers, literature, information, software. Registrations, software installation
  • Method development 
  • Quantification case study
  • Biomarker case study
  • High Resolution Mass spectrometry
  • Advanced HPLC
  • Advanced Mass Spectrometry


2021 Dates and times

Usual course dates are Tuesdays, 15:15-17h, starting March,2 and ending on  April 13, 2021. Definitive information see the Course Directory


Credits will be granted according to your perfomance in the exercises or quizzes. These will be done within the second hour of the lessons. You need a laptop with MS office software, internet access, SciFinder access and previous registration on this webpage.  Contact in case of problems.