Overall results and farewell

Average results

The overall average results are depicted below in red. I cannot put names to the dots, but I think I can congratulate Rahela and Jara for the best achievements. There were 135 points that made up the 100%. I tried to reward the efforts for exercises with high workload by distributing more points there. Unfortunately I can only enter the data to the University’s software in May, but what I can state is that I plan to draw the ‘red line’ between PASS and FAIL at 50% of average achievement. The four concerned students have missed out three or more exercises which results then in averages below 50%.

Although I tried to encourage it, there was very little interaction during the working time. I really miss the opportunity for occasional talks with you. Without seeing and hearing you it’s very difficult to judge whether I managed to communicate the tasks in an understandable manner. Please let me know (by mail or using the comment function below) how I could improve the lectures, if there were parts you found trivial or too exotic, whether you like the mixed exercise/lecture format and whether the workload was too high.


I thank you for your participation and hope that I was able to give you some hints and tools. I wish you all success for your future scientific and private life. And don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help (smv3.ch).

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